Train Machines with Data

Today, companies worldwide utilise Artificial Intelligence ('AI') and Machine Learning ('ML') to power their businesses ahead of the competition. From matching job seekers to open positions, understanding natural language and handling customer service enquiries, to optimising delivery routes for drivers and controlling data centre temperature. Everyday companies use AI and ML to optimise operations, drive sales and improve user experience. Learn more about how we can help power your business forwards with innovation solutions.

Machine Learning - What is it?

Machine learning involves training a computer model to find patterns in data. Extracting high-quality data and using high quality inputs helps train well-designed models. We create our models locally and once working scale this out to the cloud. We pre-process high quality data sets and replicate your real-worlds inputs so that our models well replicate real-world scenarios. Using this sort of intelligent data our Machine Learning models will be very useful for your business.

High Quality Data Sets

We require lots of high quality data sets to train our models and provide accurate predictions. Data sets need pre-processing and require much tinkering with to ensure they work well in our models. We can design and evaluate model architectures to achieve an intelligent solution for your business. We can train models at large scale on a managed cluster in the cloud allowing you to tap into the models via our APIs.

Image Three
Image Three

Training Machine Learning Models Locally

We use pre-existing Cloud AI and ML solutions to tap into modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models which we can customise to generate tailored models for your business and organisation. We will undertake hyperparameter tuning, preprocessing and the training process locally before scaling this out to the cloud.

Deploy Our Prediction Service

Once we've completed all our steps and verified that our model is working we can deploy this as a web or mobile application to the cloud. We can integrate this into particular areas of your business or use ML on the edge with IoT devices. All of the digital and technological solutions will help you to make better predictions in areas of your business that matter to you most.