Data is value

We can analyse large amounts of data at extraordinary speed thanks to rapid development of new technology in hardware and software. We can build APIs to integrate data into your products or services. Get real-time valuable insights for your business or organisation.

Extracting Value from Data

In this day and age real-time data is vital to your business or organisation. The largest companies in the world analyse large data sets to anticipate consumer demand, build predictive models and improve their organisations. Data can be utilised in many ways for example it can be used in predictive maintenance, customer experience, fraud detection, with machine learning or driving operational efficiencies to name just a few. However, there are endless ways in which you can use data and to extract value. Talk to us today.

Extract, Transform and Load ('ETL')

The process of ETL is to bring in new data, process it, make sure it's formatted and useful for your business. We prefer to manage the data in the cloud rather than on-premise ('on-prem'). If you require our services to move from on-prem to the cloud check out our Cloud Platforms and Computing services. The ability to quickly scale and utilise cloud products makes extracting, transforming and loading data so much faster.

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Image Three

Data Processes and Challenges

Big data has its challenges and now with the advent of new technologies and Internet of Things ('IoT') more objects and devices are quickly being connected to the internet and to the cloud. Along with data extracted from our web and mobile footprints we can quickly gather data from real-world objects that surround us. Now with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning there is a limitless possibility to what can be achieved. Major challenges lay in storage and data volume and the need for large data centre storage.

Data on the Cloud

If you're on-prem we recommend shifting to the cloud. We can do a simple 'lift and shift' or we can re-engineer the stack and rebuild your services on the cloud. Being on the cloud opens up endless possibilities including resolving problems around data volume and storage. Using the suite of services that can be built on top of cloud platforms we can quickly work with data in real-time.