Chatsaction is a messaging app which incorporates document sharing and payments within the messaging channel. Built for quick real-time communication Chatsaction is available on iOS and lets you login with Linkedin.

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Chatsaction was developed by Atlasopen as beta app

The following activities were undertaken as part of the process:
- Design, develop, build and launch the app to the Apple app store

- Ideation and implementation of features

- Develop roadmap for feature development on the platform

- Build application using architecture and technology that enables scalability at all levels

- Develop and build the go-to-market strategy including launch and customer acquisition campaigns

Chatsaction Features List

- Sign-up / Sign-in Linkedin

- In-app messaging & photo sharing

- Payments through messaging windows

- Document uploading & sharing through Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud into chat

- Easy document access via side-bar