Cuin5 App

Buy & Sell anything in under 5 mins

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Cuin5 app is a marketplace app that lets you buy and sell items with others in your local area. However you'll be running up against the clock and if you can't buy or sell in 5 minutes time runs out! Find all the items you need without the hassle of delivery and logistics.

Cuin5 approached Atlasopen to help with the following

- Wireframe, design, develop the end-to-end app

- Screen by screen UI and UX designs

- Undertake detailed architecture planning to determine what infrastructure to use to build the application

- Program, run tests and debug software

- Release software to Apple iOS store


Backend is built in Firebase on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google's mobile platform. We run of the app functions through Google's Mobile Platform including Authentication, Hosting, Storage, Real-Time Database and more. We also use other external services providers to build this application.