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Cuin5 app is a marketplace app that lets you trade with others around you! However, what's unique about Cuin5 app is you're limited to buying and selling in 5 minutes! Find all the items you need at the tip of your fingers, instantly! It's fun and you don't have any of the hassle of delivery and logistics.

Coming soon to iOS 

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Cuin5 App design for AO site

Cuin5 approached Atlasopen to help with the following:

  • Design, develop, build and launch the app to the Apple app store
  • Ideation and implementation of features
  • Develop roadmap for feature development on the platform  
  • Build application using scalable architecture and technology stack 
  • Design a go-to-market strategy including launch and customer acquisition campaigns


Cuin5 App design for AO site (1)
Cuin5 App design for AO site (2)

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