Atlasopen built an online client relationship management ('CRM')and marketing platform to connect golf suppliers, golf clubs and club members across Australia. Features of the dynamic platform included an email builder interface to customise email marketing, functions to enable uploading of database and lists, dispatch of email sending to those lists. A deep integration was made between the CRM and the managed e-commerce backends enabling suppliers, golf clubs and club members to share assets inside their email marketing templates.

Over 500,000 emails sent per month and increasing.


Content is king

Clubs receive real-time supplier assets, products to market and all the tools to design unique email and SMS campaigns. Everything from grabbing products from their integrated e-commerce stores, to releasing club news, fetching videos from their YouTube channel, gathering detailed analytics and reporting in dashboards for data collection is made available

Deep e-commerce integrations

The CRM had role specific logins to enable suppliers to upload latest promotions being content of video, imagery or text relating to product/s, product launches, fitting days or monthly news and more. This enabled Australian clubs and retailers to easily fetch and choose assets that went directly into building newsletter campaigns for their club members.

Deliver beautiful emails

Custom crafted, beautifully designed emails using suppliers assets, club store products and visually enhancing multimedia. Performance Golf enables users to deliver the best in class emails to their members.