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Every child has a right to their best life, and the best version of themselves. Lifechanger makes that happen through

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Lifechanger runs interactive and engaging workshop programs for 11-15 year olds, as well as for aspiring mentors of all ages. This all happens on an app that Atlasopen developed called Youth Suicide is the no.1 killer of young Australians. is a platform that looks to address issues such as youth suicide, mental health, community violence and physical wellbeing in children aged between 11-16.

Lifechanger programs through digital awareness

The programs aim to help connect children with mentors via the platform tracking development across five key pillars including Health, Skills, Self-Awareness, Purpose and Connections. Awaken the Hero hopes to empower a generation of young Australian’s to develop a positive personal identity. Lifechanger is a Tier 1 DGR Status Charity with a great team of ambassadors and support.

App Features

There are many components to the Hero App including both Hero (Teenagers) and Mentor user permissions. The App enables teenagers to self assess their personal health and wellbeing by sending scheduled survey's to their inboxes based on workshop dates. Once these survey's are completed the results are automatically tracked and Hero's can login and track the progress comparing each time they take a new survey. Additionally, in it's current stage the app allows Hero's to set goals, choose fictional characters with superpowers and login to see new workshops. On the Mentor side, new applicants can apply and submit form details relating to employment, working with children, experience in mentorship and more. We've built a separate super admin panel to enable Lifechanger to track all these submissions, create new accounts, send templated emails in real-time, approve new users based on set criteria and a whole lot more!