Social Media

We refer to paid media as external marketing efforts that involve a paid placement on a social media platform. Paid media includes PPC advertising, branded content, and display ads. A critical component of revenue growth and brand awareness for all businesses, paid media works much like traditional advertising except that it's distributed through digital channels.


With over 2.23 billion daily active users it's hard to justify why your products or services shouldn't be shown on Facebook. Facebook has a pretty advanced advertising platform with niche customer targeting options including Gender, Age, Geography, Language, Interests, Employers, Behaviours and more. An offering with this level of detailed ad targeting and scale of user base is unprecedented in the history of mankind.


Instagram is owed by Facebook and therefore you can set up ad targeting directly through Facebook's advertising platform. Instagram recently surpassed 1 billion users meaning it's definitely one of the largest social media platform on earth. Running Instagram paid media can be a little different to Facebook ads as Instagram has it's own unique style. Influencers dominate the Instagram channels which means having a network of Influencers to promote your product to their own database of loyal visitors can be surefire way to get your product to the masses.


YouTube (owed by Google) has over 1.8 billion users which shows how dominate it is in the video space. Like the Facebook advertising platform you can direct target your users with ads based on their demographics, interests, life events and more. You can use re-marketing techniques to show ads to users who have previously interacted with your ads and create custom lists similar to Facebook's ad platform.


LinkedIn is a medium for businesses to advertise directly to a large number of professionals. Like the social networks LinkedIn has offers detailed ad targeting by job title, function, industry and more. Ads can appear in your feed, inbox or other ways.