Use Ads for your Business

With millions of search results being delivered for each keyword query sometimes it's more efficient to cut through the natural ranking methodologies applied in SEO practices and serve an ad which hits the space above unpaid search results. There are 3 key reasons you might run a Google Ads campaign: Greater Search Engine Visibility and therefore higher ranking in SERPs, Drive potential clients or customers to a client or internal site and Brand positioning and brand awareness.

Google Ads Platform

One of the advantages of being in the internet marketing business is understanding the ins and outs of a complex platform like Google Ads. Time and time again we see clients who have come to us after wasting money on running Google Ads with no experience. Little did though know that there is method to the madness. We understand how to get your Ads to perform. Chat to us today.

Keyword research underpins Google Ads

Understanding the end-to-end process of structuring a top quality Google Ads campaign comes from experience, expertise and understanding your keywords. As you may have seen, we previously referred to how important keyword research was in our SEO page. Often we see clients create campaigns and run ads based on intuition rather than anything definitive factual evidence that customers would happen to search for this keyword. Google Ads is intimately tied to your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Structuring your campaign

We'll takeover building out a campaign that actually works. From understanding what your goals are to your conversion strategy, bid strategy, setting up correct analytics to measure and track conversions and more. We'll take our research and break this down into categories to run ads against the most relevant search results.

Optimising your Ads

Just pulling together research, setting up the campaign correctly and checking all your checkpoints analytics are correctly set-up across your site isn't enough. To compete effectively against competition and actually stand out you need to understand how to effectively optimise your ads. Optimisation of ads can be done in a large number of ways but it's crucial for your ad to cut through all the other run of the mill advertising you see day to day. Failing to successfully implement any of the above steps you might find your hard earned funds going straight down the drain.