Why SEO?

Statistically speaking when we do a Google search 90 per cent of people choose one of the first ten results on the page. The first result alone generally takes a third of the traffic. So if you want users to visit your site it's paramount to ensure you're ranking in the Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

Keyword Research

Our SEO processes are simple, we start like we always do with research and planning. We look at the precise keywords that people are searching for in your niche area. Without this knowledge we don't know what people are searching for, what volume of traffic is hitting keywords and what to base our strategy on.

Performing search queries

The next step of the process would be to undertake basis analysis of your current ranking position across a large range of keywords. Determining where you are and how you're ranking could help you increase your position.

Keywords in content

After performing a comprehensive keyword research report we'll then audit your site to determine whether or not you in-fact have keywords in the correct places. Some common mistakes that people make are not placing keywords in the filenames (URLs), images, across meta title and descriptions or simply not having the keyword come up at all.

Lots of other important factors

SEO is far more than just keyword research, our SEO practices include looking at technical factors including site speed, number of referring backlinks, internal page linking, relevance to services or products you're marketing and much much more. Your site may also rank highly if you're simply producing content that people love, it may not necessarily be keyword content either, it may be different forms of multimedia such as video, audio, imagery or more. The knowledge required to run SEO is increasing by the day so leave it up to us as experts to cut through that sea of information and add value for your business.