Squidgy and Co.

Squidgy and Co.'s creator Daniel Babiun engaged Atlasopen to design and build an interactive online children's book featuring 9 chapters. Each chapter consists its own exercises and downloadable posters. A unique feature of the web app is the page flipping mechanism which allows users to experience reading like a physical book reading experience.

Squidgy and Co.

With 9 unique chapters dedicated to Daniel's creations, Squidgy and Co. was a foray into the realm of children's books. Each chapter has a unique lesson which is further solidified with a PDF exercise and poster at the end of the chapter.

Exercises and Posters

Attempt the exercises and posters at the end of each chapter to test your understanding and have some fun! It's all about getting in touch with your own strengths and weaknesses

More exercises to tickle your fancy.

Exercises are targeted at 10-14 year olds with a desire to learn more about concepts such as design, self awareness, values and more

9 unique chapters

Homepage has a dynamic look that showcases 9 interactive chapters of Squidgy and Co. Hovering over each tile will slightly animate Squidgy.