The Complete Basketcase

Gifts delivered Australia wide, digital by Atlasopen.

The Complete Basketcase delivers stylish gift baskets throughout Australia and overseas. For over 16 years The Complete Basketcase team have delivered outstanding gifts Australia wide to over 80,000+ customers. Even with this scale The Complete Basketcase is very hands on with gift delivery and package with love and care knowing that each gift will be opened by a loved one.

The Complete Basketcase approached Atlasopen to help with the following

- Provide a comprehensive review and on-going strategy for implementing digital marketing activities - Implement digital marketing strategies including Search Engine Optimisation ('SEO') including keyword research and implementation of keyword research for on-page and off-page SEO - Implement and run Google Ads including use of keyword research for running targeted ads against target demographics and searchable terms - Implement and run Facebook & Instagram ad strategies including detailed content creation and ad targeting across target audience types - Update site wide plugins for WooCommerce and Wordpress as well as troubleshoot and fix bugs relating to code updates or customer site problems - Create new site pages and generally link back to other partners and key stakeholders for brand awareness

Kerry Mitchell, Chief Basketcase

"I have been operating an Ecommerce Store for 18 years, I have used countless Digital Media companies in the past that have overcharged and under-delivered. Clarence and Tom have been a delight to work with, and have so far produced great results. I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship in the future."