Custom Web Apps

Understanding your customer and your business

In most cases we find clients come to us for solutions, insights and technical and user experience. We look to quickly understand your business, your needs and your customers to assess what is required. We not only offer an objective external opinion but we can add significant value in terms of architectural solutions, technical expertise, user experience and digital design. The first step would be to sit down and understand your needs and your goals.

Developing architectural solutions

Before we write even a single line of code, spin up a new instance or set-up a new domain we look at what sort of Technology Solutions are suitable for the task at hand. We can't determine this without understanding your customer, your product and your business or organisation. Once we identify these, we can plan out the best solutions in terms of performance, scalability, cost and efficiencies. This step takes years of experience and understanding of the latest most up to date Technology Solutions on the market.

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Image Three

Developing your application

Once we've completed the designs and planned out our architecture it's time to start to do the heavy lifting. We utilise our expertise in writing and developing code to build a solution that not only works but performs under stress. We'll deploy protocols such as test driven development where we write and test code to understand how it impacts the app and the rest of the code base.

Launching and marketing your app

By this time we'll be well and truly invested in the launch of your app. Our entire team of designers, engineers and product managers would have spent hundreds of hours bringing your vision to life. This is the time our digital marketing team take what we've all worked our bums off to achieve and bring real-life customers onto the platform. This is without a doubt a skill in itself. Talk to us to today about our digital marketing solutions.