Wise Owl Investor

Building a platform for investors and traders to access limited real-time stock market information.


Wise Owl Investor reports Australian Stock Market information and data. As a stock market media platform Wise Owl Investor reports real-time share market data including Share prices, % increase/decrease in shares, Insider buys, IPOs, Buybacks, Suspended & de-listed stocks, Short Sales, Industrial, Mining and ETFs.

Wise Owl Investor approached Atlasopen to help with the following:

Work with 3rd party software, plugins and APIs to fetch data from 3rd party servers and render onto Wise Owl Investor's site Display real-time stock news and information about stocks prices, industry trends, indices and sectors Display data easy to visualise formats including tables and graphs Solve rendering and speed related issues in fetching and rendering large amounts of stock market data Create dynamic pages that render individual stock information, graphs, data and insights when unique links are activated in browser Customise look and fell of pages for mobile and desktop whilst optimising them for SEO

Continued Progress

We continue to work with Wise Owl Investor as they continue to develop their platform into a larger stock market platform for investors including developing the members area, stock analysis, portfolio tracking, graphical interfaces and data analysis tools.

Chris - Founder of Wise Owl Investor

"They know what they're doing and are genuinely enthusiastic about building the website. The website looks polished and professional. Atlasopen communicates clearly and is able to work independently. Their passion for the project has contributed to its growth and success. "
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